MINERAL United Methodist Church (MUMC)
Mineral United Methodist Church
Monday, July 25, 2016
Open Minds - Open Hearts - Open Doors

Outreach Committee

Join the MUMC Outreach Effort --
Help Wanted:  Folks who have a desire to extend Christ's influence within the local MUMC area while having fun doing it.  Join the Outreach Committee.  No experience necessary.  Pay is lousy, benefits are great, future is unlimited. 

The Outreach Committee focuses on identifying and prioritizing Mineral UMC outreach initiatives.  Particular attenion is directed at how to best use the new Fellowship Hall as a catalyst for Outreach, especially to youth and young families.  Outreach Committee recommendations are presented to the Church Administrative Council for adoption by the church as a whole.  We particularly desire ideas and input from our youth and families!  Help us reach the greater Louisa-Mineral-Lake Anna area with an open-armed welcome from Mineral UMC.